About Us

Our Past
Our great grandfather Oliver Yost Farmed in Carrol County Indiana and was actively involved in corn breeding for Pioneer Hybrid Seeds. His Son Lowell moved to Preble Co. Ohio in the 1950’s and began our family farm here in SW Ohio. Lowell managed the farm until the 1980’s at which time his son Lynn transitioned into the management role of the family farm.

Our Present
La-Lyn Farms is currently under management of Lynn and his two sons Layton & Lynton Yost.

Was born and raised on the family farm, and is married to Kathleen. Has over 46 years’ farming experience in the area and 18 years as an Ag-Spectrum – Certified Maximum Farming Specialist.

Was born and raised on the family farm, and is married to Tamara. They have 3 children… 2 boys Reed, Jack and 1 girl Ava. Layton enjoys the Farming, Management and Office Work.

Was born and raised on the family farm, and is married to Robin. They have 1 boy Preston. Lynton enjoys the farming and helps manage the trucking and spreading business.

Crops Grown and Markets Served
La-Lyn Farms raises corn, soybeans and wheat. Our crops are delivered primarily within a 100 mile radius to Food Processors, Ethanol Plants, Soybean processors and Ohio River Terminals in Cincinnati, OH where they are shipped by barge to the Mississippi River and south to the ports in the New Orleans, LA area where they are then loaded on Ships to be transported to various foreign destinations.

Farming Philosophy
La-Lyn Farms is continuously striving to adapt the most up-to-date changes in production agriculture. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our operation and to be environmentally friendly to our soils. We keep a close eye on fertility and feel that a well-balanced soil can enhance the soils ability to generate many of the nutrients required by the plants, to be more productive.
Listed are some of the methods that we are currently utilizing…

  • We utilize No-Till and Min-Till processes to plant our crops.
  • We split apply our nitrogen applications between – banded with the planter and side dress applications to reduce nitrogen loss.
  • We strive to cover a good portion of our acres with cover crops each fall for the off season. Cover Crops are a good option to control nutrient leaching, soil erosion and build organic matter in our soils.
  • We strive to maintain waterways and add them where needed, to reduce soil erosion.
  • Will work together with the Land Owner to assess the economics of installing drainage systems and will manage the installation of them when needed.
  • We apply gypsum on all acres to improve soil quality and to reduce soil erosion.
  • Follow all recommendations of the Ag Spectrum fertility system.
  • Seek knowledge through training programs, interaction with other producers, and involvement
    with agribusiness.

Technology Utilized:

  • All equipment is equipped with Guidance systems to enhance productivity, efficiency and give the operators the ability to watch machinery functionality closer
  • We collect GPS referenced yield data with the combine and have since 2002
  • Track all of our field operations with GPS based records.
  • Sprayer, planters and spreader are equipped with automatic shutoff control. This reduces over applying nutrients. This saves our environment as well as has economic benefits.
  • All fields are GPS soil tested according to soil types.
  • All application equipment is variable rate equipped and utilized in applying Nutrients based on results from the zone soil testing procedure.